Jukka Halme blogs about Conceive – Swecon 2005

Since the post I’m referring to is in English, I’ll write this in English too. Jukka, Ben Roimola, and Tero Ykspetäjä were the Finnish attendees of this year’s Swecon (and I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Swedish and Finnish fandoms are finally starting to connect after many long years when Ahrvid Engholm and Ben Roimola was the only connexion), and they promised to write up con reports all three of them. Tero was first to publish his, now all we are waiting for is Ben.

Jukka reinforces the impression of Conceive as a very disorganized affair, but I’m happy to see that he feels so much at home in Swedish fandom. To be honest, I see him as a part of Swedish fandom too, these days.

Ett svar

  1. En mycket bra kongressrapport – man ler igenkännande och tänker ”typiskt svenskt!”

    Bästa citat: ”Saw nobody at the con site, and no mention of a Swecon, so we knew we had to be in the right place.”

    Hehe… 😉


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